Exploring Mental Health Issues

I grew up in a household with many blessings and many challenges, though none so extraordinary to make me truly unique.  After years of thinking I needed to protect and guard certain family and personal secrets, it is a leap for me to begin blogging about those experiences.

I have come to the conclusion that it is important for me to examine these stories more closely now, with the small hope that it may help others who have been affected by any type of mental illness, and the larger hope that I may help myself to gain more understanding of the issues that have impacted my life and the lives of those I love.

I want to use this forum to examine a variety of mental health topics in an effort to dispell the stigmas that are associated with mental health issues.  More importantly, I want to use it to celebrate the advances that have been made in improving the treatment options and quality of life for many who have been affected, and to offer hope that with perseverance, advances can continue to be made.

I am dedicating this blog to my mother, Shirley, who lived with schizophrenia for many of her 58 years.  I hope that in heaven, she has found the peace that she deserves.

3 thoughts on “Exploring Mental Health Issues

  1. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and only wish that Shirley (Mom) was able to experience some of the advances in treatment before her passing. Our experiences have made us the women/mothers/wives we are today and I hope that from our past we can teach/help those who find themselves in the same/similar situations.


  2. It’s beautiful. Hopefully, this can really start to shed some light on how hurtful stigmas can be and how they affect health care coverage. So glad you are doing this.


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