Mental Health First Aid

“According to the current epidemiological estimates, at least one in five people has a diagnosable mental disorder during the course of a year..”  From Mental Health: A Report From the Surgeon General.

Chances are high that you, and/or someone you know, at some point in life have been affected by some type of mental health issue.  Perhaps it was dealt with quietly and eventually resolved.   Perhaps it prompted a visit to a physician or mental health care professional.  Perhaps lack of knowledge about the illness and available resources escalated into a crisis situation.  It would be ideal to prevent  a crisis from occurring, but if it does, it is important for loved ones to know how to handle it.

NPR featured a story about a Mental Health First Aid Course which I thought was worth sharing. Like CPR and other first aid classes, it is meant to provide valuable tips about providing interim care/support to someone in an emotional crisis until professional help can be accessed.

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