Finding My Soul

traditional-family-roomA few years ago, I had this recurring dream in which I discovered extra rooms in my house that I didn’t know existed.  Inside some of the rooms were closets filled with clothes, dressers filled with jewelry, and shelves filled with books.  Sometimes I dreamed I discovered an attic filled with furniture and household items.  I always wondered what these dreams were about, but recently I figured out that they represent the parts of my soul that were hidden from me when I was struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

When I became healthier as the result of taking medication, going to counseling, and instituting cognitive behavioral  techniques, I was able to think more clearly.  This enabled me to make better choices and begin to open the doors to the parts of my soul that had been closed off and hidden in the shadows of my struggles to keep my symptoms at bay.  I didn’t realize how much energy I had been putting into getting through each day until the symptoms began to dissipate.

jewel-boxIt is so nice to awaken to all of the little treasures of life that I was unable to see before I got treatment.   Now, even when external stressors lead to feelings of sadness or anxiety, I have the tools to address them .  I have been able to do so many things that would have been inconceivable a few years ago.  The beauty of recovery is that I am able to open the doors to all of the rooms in my soul and fully appreciate what each one reveals.

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