Swallowing the Jagged Pill Called “Life”

Every day whether consciously or unconsciously, we take risks.  Sometimes it works out for us and sometimes it doesn’t.  Anxiety and depression can occur when we have a certain outcome in mind that doesn’t turn out the way we expected.  The hardest lesson to learn is to live in the moment and accept that we don’t always know where it will lead us.  I heard this song on the radio the other day and thought it articulated this sentiment very well.  

The message in this video is especially important for people who have ever experienced mental health issues in their lives, whether due to stressful circumstances or because of a chronic mental illness.  It can be extremely difficult to accept disappointments when they are actually happening.  By acknowledging our feelings about life’s imperfections and reaching out for support, we can begin to heal and move forward, and will be better equipped to deal with its unexpected turns in the future.

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