Is It Better to Grieve and Learn, or to be a Happy Fool?

me in californiaBelow is an excerpt from the DivorceCare daily e-mail reading that inspired me to contemplate this question.  To subscribe follow this link.

Dealing with Depression: Learn from the Depression – Day 106

“Your depression will begin to lift as you release your losses, but there is a final step in dealing with depression:

“You should never go through a depression without learning from it,” says Dr. Archibald Hart. “Depressions tell you something about yourself, like a mirror to the inner values that you hold. By appropriately pausing at the end of the process to learn what you can about yourself, this is where the healing comes about in depression. You should be a better person after the depression than you were before.”

The Bible says that sorrow is better than laughter. Why would that be true? Because when you are hurting and in distress, you are more apt to examine your heart and your motivations. You know your spirit is grieving, and you have the opportunity to deal with the root cause of the pain. It is far better to grieve and learn, than to be happy but a fool. What have you learned from your depression and grief that you can use to reinvest in a better future? What wisdom have you gained?”

I struggle to accept that last paragraph.  Right now I think it would be so much easier to be a happy fool than to face the harsh realities of life.  I will do my best to learn from painful experiences and strive to accept them as a part of life, even when I would prefer not to…

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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