Words of Wisdom from Siri

“If you don’t, you don’t” – Siri

It turns out, Siri is more enlightened than me.

As I often do when sitting at traffic lights on my way to work, I have my super smart I-phone 5S take notes for me via Siri to remind me of ideas for my next blog post. This morning I told her to take the following notes:

Note 1:  “Notice what you do well and focus on that today.”

Note 2:  “Lately I’ve been so caught up in focusing on my mistakes that I forget about the  things I do well.”

Note 3:  “I have learned from past experiences that focusing on my strengths is more likely to produce the results I want than dwelling on my shortcomings.”

Note 4 (I forgot to tell her to take a note, so she simply responded to my next dictation):  “I don’t always remember to notice….”

Siri’s response in her smooth, matter-of fact voice was:  “If you don’t you don’t….”

Well said Siri.

Slightly more enlightened now, my  takeaway message is:   Notice how you are doing the best you can in each moment and move on to the next without regret.

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