Eating Disorders, Depression, and Substance Abuse in Elite Athletes

What do Amanda Beard, Cathy Rigby, Britany Viola, Andre Agassi, and Jenny Kirk have in common?   They are all elite athletes who have struggled with either some type of eating disorder, substances abuse, and/or depression.  I am thankful that they were willing  to openly share their experiences.

In future blogs I will discuss the prevalence of eating disorders and other mental health issues in elite and college competitors, and what can be done to recognize the early signs and assist those who are suffering to find help.  Early recognition of symptoms can lead to a smoother recovery process.

Depression and eating disorders are issues that are close to my heart, since I watched my daughter struggle with these during her college swimming career. She has agreed to contribute her first-hand experience and insight with these topics in my upcoming posts as well.

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and USA swimming have some great tips for coaches, athletes, and their parents about how to handle these important issues.

Stay tuned!

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