My excuses for not writing


Here is where my mind goes when I am doubting myself:

I have to earn a pay check which leaves little time left to write.

I am in school now to maintain my position at work and to give myself options in the future.

Whenever I start to write a story I get overwhelmed with edits and stop.

I have trouble focusing.

If I spend too much time writing, I will isolate myself from others.

I don’t have anything worth writing.

I make too many mistakes.

I’m not good enough.

Nobody wants to read what I am writing.

Writing is egocentric.

Writing will make me anxious or depressed.

I’m not creative enough.

I write technical/medical things for work, isn’t that enough?

I can’t stay on top of my housework.

I will get fat sitting around writing all the time.

People will judge me.

I might say something to upset someone.

Here is what I tell myself when I am feeling better:

Write because you love to and for no other reason.

Writing is my gift to myself.

Write whether anyone reads it or not.

Write a blog post.

Write a journal entry,

Write one sentence, one paragraph, one page.

Write because it is what got you through all of your tough times in life.

I need to write the way a bird needs to fly.

bird flying



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