Mental Health Support in the Age of the Internet

father I have sinnedDo you ever worry about how much personal information you share on the internet?

I do, especially when it comes to sharing about the mental health issues my family has experienced. I prefer not to post about it on Facebook and other forms of media, and that is why I set up this blog. While I am still somewhat cautious about sharing on the internet, I feel strongly about de-stigmatizing mental illness and providing moral support and resources to those in need of it.

Having grown up in the pre-internet age, I am beyond thankful for all of the sources of support that are now available. Aside from the occasional magazine article or a small section of self-help books at the library or book store, there were few options for obtaining any meaningful guidance about how to deal with mental illness. There was far less tolerance of those who suffered from anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, bipolar, and schizophrenia, and people went to great lengths to keep these health problems a secret. NAMI was around but few people knew about this wonderful organization.

Now one of the biggest challenges is learning how to sift through all of the different websites, and it is important to determine their credibility. Nonetheless, it is comforting to know that for most of us, there are many wonderful resources at the tip of our fingers. NAMI’s website is a great place to start, and they share many great links to other credible websites.

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