Follow your fear


Follow your fear and see where she takes you

Do not recoil from her raspy voice whispering into your ear in the darkness of the night
Do not push away her cold fingers, working their way up your trembling spine
Follow the black crow into the cornfields
Follow her into the endless ebony ocean at night
Look for her on the lichen covered trails of the forest
Don’t just glance into her ophidian eyes and then look away
Turn to her
And look and listen
Can you hear her heart drumming?
Can you see the longing on her tear-stained face?
Can you watch her turning into tiny particles of light from your gaze?
Lay next to her until she falls asleep under the phosphorescent moonlight
Merging with the universe once more

By Amy Jones


5 thoughts on “Follow your fear

  1. Fear is indeed a very visceral evil as you have so beautifully described. I am trying to put my fears into perspective so that they are less frightening to me. I think of them as warning signals that there is a trigger somewhere that needs to be dealt with. In that way, I can at least defuse some of the panic. I am also training my thinking toward The Empowerment Dynamic (T.E.D.) instead of constantly being caught up in The Drama Triangle (Karpman), which is where I have spent most of my life. You can find more information on these by googling them. My therapist is the one who introduced me to these ideas, and while they take discipline to use and defuse, they are well worth the time and energy.
    Thank you for your post.


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