Where is your Happy Place?

A lot of people have asked me how I “turned out so well” having been raised in such a chaotic environment due to my mom’s untreated paranoid schizophrenia. Unfortunately her paranoia caused her to act out aggressively towards me on many occasions. My answer to their question is that I had enough “happy places” to help get me through.

My happy place usually involved some kind of creative activity like writing or drawing or participating in some type of physical activity, such as running, swimming, playing softball, soccer, or in the summers, tag and hide and round up.

Yesterday I came across a CD of one of my favorite trumpet players, Wynton Marsalis playing the blues with Eric Clapton. Playing that CD immediately brought me back to one of my happiest places, when I played trumpet in jazz band (and many other types of band). Sharing my love of jazz and blues with my friends was a great source of bliss during my teen years, and I have never lost that love of music.

I am so thankful that I had so many outlets to help me through the tough times. I still have some emotional scars to work through, but overall I turned out all right and continue to find many reasons to enjoy life.

I watched Frida last night and came to the conclusion that despite the severe pain she suffered from an accident at age 18, she found an outlet in her artwork. Even though she was bed ridden for months on end, she was still able to draw and express her emotions through her paintings. The movie reminded me that we all have something in our life to overcome, and having something to feel passionate can bring us immense joy as well.

Frida Kohlo – My Dress Hangs There



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