No Dieting for Me

One thing I learned in my recovery process is that I cannot diet. As tempting as it may be as I get older, I know that I risk slipping back into my old mentality and obsessive compulsive patterns. I eat well most days, and some days I don’t. That is all I can do. My recovery was based on spiritual principles that taught me to focus on all of the dimensions of my life not just my physical being.

Sometimes I get really annoyed that people talk so much about dieting, as if it is some kind of righteously ordained activity that makes one a better person. I understand that improving one’s diet can be a life-altering improvement for people that struggle with obesity, but there are far too many people that are merely unhappy with their body type who end up in a pattern of dieting that does more harm than good.

Awareness of eating disorders is on the rise in the US, but there are still eating disorder myths. Here's why we still need Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

10 thoughts on “No Dieting for Me

  1. You go girl! It’s sad that so many people, myself include see their self worth by how much they weigh and if their stomach is flat….I’ve tried to conquer those thoughts. Too bad society/media adds such pressure to this type of destructive


  2. Thank you! When I talk about my diet nearly everyone wants to know how much weight I’ve lost. But I never diet for weight control. If I change my diet in any way it’s because of my IBS or GERD. I’m trying to avoid pain. Even when I explain that, the next question is, “Yeah, but will you lose weight?” It’s so frustrating. Even my GP is obsessed with my weight. It makes a person want to scream.

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    • Exactly! I am dating a vegetarian and everyone always asked me if I have lost weight since we’ve been dating since I don’t eat as much meat. I tell them I wouldn’t know because I don’t weigh myself, and they look at me like I am crazy. It does make a person want to scream.


      • I blame the media. People are groomed to think it’s all about the weight. I’m sure that in other eras, no one cared as much. But nowadays, one of the first things people comment on after not seeing someone in a while is how much weight they’ve gained or lost. it’s sad really. Sad.


  3. Thanks for sharing. I think we need to pay primary attention to what is going on inside us. If we do that we’ll find our way through the maze of deceptions and well-intentioned but ill-fitting suggestions that may come our way.


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