Diagnosing and treating children

How can parents be sure about whether their child is receiving the right diagnosis and/or treatment for a psychiatric illness? 

I asked this question a lot when my daughter was younger. As a research professional, I have always been interested in finding out about best practices and evidence-based treatment options. There are many great online resources to address the problem of childhood mental illness such as the National Institute on Mental Health, CDC, and National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Recently I did some browsing on the internet and found another interesting website, The Hastings Center, that tackles some of the ethical issues related to mental health along with many other public interest topics.  I came across this article that I thought was worth sharing – Troubled Children: Ethical Questions about Diagnosing and Treating Pediatric Psychiatric Disorders.” 

All of these websites are worth checking out if you are feeling overwhelmed about the many options available to treat childhood mental health issues and would like help figuring out what is best for your child.




4 thoughts on “Diagnosing and treating children

  1. They have certainly gotten more sophisticated … but not necessarily better. I’m glad I’m past the “young child” stage. Now, all I just have to worry about the adult “kid” and hope it will be okay.


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