View from my Window Photo 101

I live next to a retirement community, and when I first became separated from my husband and was living alone, it was comforting to hear the sounds that came from across the fence. There was an ebb and flow as workers came out to their cars laughing and chatting after their long shifts. At first the beeping of the trucks when they made deliveries and empty  dumpsters being lowered to the ground made such a racket it was a bit annoying, but after a while I didn’t even notice it. In the summer, the trees and bushes keep the bustling community hidden from my sight.

This winter there has been lots of activity with all of the snow plowing, shoveling, and scraping going on. I wish they could come across the fence and take care of my driveway, but there is more than just a fence that divides our little communities.

window view

View from my Window in the Winter (taken with I-Phone)


6 thoughts on “View from my Window Photo 101

  1. A few decades ago I worked with seniors as part of an Elderly Services program. I found it very rewarding. There is a genuineness that accompanies the elderly that you don’t find as consistently with any other age group…except maybe the very young.

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