Developing a positive relationship to eating

“We human beings have many feelings, both positive and negative. Some people tend to eat more when they’re joyful, while others tend to eat less. Some people eat when they are sad or upset as a way of eating their feelings, hoping the feelings will go away. Food becomes a craving then, rather than a source of nourishment. If we don’t attempt to look deeply to understand our craving, it will grow. When we take the time to take care of our emotions with mindfulness and compassion, then we can just eat. We can enjoy our food without craving and develop a healthy and positive relationship to eating.” 

— Thích Nhất Hạnh

This quote came from the book, How to Eat, by Thích Nhất Hạnh. Each page has just one or two paragraphs which offer an abundance of wisdom about taking a mindful approach to eating. I find comfort and encouragement in his gentle words. me and sheila

4 thoughts on “Developing a positive relationship to eating

  1. Being mindful aout eating is an important step to heal from eating disorders. As an ex-binge-eater I have passed several stages during my healing process, and mindfulness was definitely a big part of them. After healing from my BED I started helping out other people do the same. If you ever need inspiration or an easy-to-make healthy recipe check out my blog at where I also share a lot of useful tips and tools for dealing with the stress that’s often associated with food and eating. Let me know if you’ve found something useful 🙂

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