A hike through the woods

In response to today’s daily prompt, I would like to share how I feel about hiking in the woods. Ever since I went on my first backpacking excursion in the Rocky Mountains 32 years ago, I have been drawn to hiking. In the woods and mountains, I feel at peace with myself and nature. I don’t feel the usual sense of urgency that occurs on an average day of working and going to school. With each breath of fresh air, I breathe in freedom and possibility. Gone are my usual inhibitions, and I find it easier to answer only to my own expectations of myself. I do all of my hiking with my friends, and in recent years we’ve made a point to do so on a regular basis. We never know who will show up that week and often our children will accompany us. We talk and laugh as we go, and our personal struggles seem a little less daunting with each step onto the cobbled earth that supports us.


I am looking forward to hiking and camping in the mountains this summer. I can smell the pine needles, wildflowers, and campfire, and taste the cup of coffee, eggs, and pancakes that await us in the morning.

Hiking is a spiritual, therapeutic experience for me, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel uplifted.

5 thoughts on “A hike through the woods

  1. I totally agree, this past Sunday after years of chaos, turmoil and exhaustion I took my kids on a “nature walk” we did not do the whole trail so we did not call it hiking but it was energizing and a beautiful way to connect to a greater power. I wish you an awesome summer filled with nature!

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