Architecture and fond memories

I used PicMonkey to edit this picture of Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. (apparently now called Children’s National Health System). I worked there in the 90’s and have always been fascinated with the building’s architecture. I actually took this picture when I was visiting a few years ago.  Right after I snapped the shot I fell off the retaining wall I was standing on because I was talking on the phone at the same time. I’ve always known that kind of multitasking is not my forte!


Children’s National Medical Center

I have so many fond memories of working at Children’s National. During this period of my life I was also in school to become a nurse, and it was a time of incredible growth and learning to believe in myself.  It was there that I decided to channel my anxiety and energy into something useful, and amazing things have come out of that experience.

4 thoughts on “Architecture and fond memories

  1. A life-long friend of mine has a daughter who has been treated there most of her life (her daughter lives with neurofibromatosis). My friend and her family cannot say enough about the wonderful people at Children’s National Medical Center. I can understand how your time working there prepared you for even greater events in your life based on what my friend has shared about the amazing people there.


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