Photo 101 Landscape and a Peaceful Feeling


Mamelodi, South Africa

I took this picture from inside our bus. I will always remember my trip to South Africa fondly, as it pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and required a lot of practice in being present in the moment. I went shortly after my brother died, and I could feel his presence cheering me on. I was also very blessed to have a friend with me who was understanding of my anxiety and would gently remind me to “put your iPod on” whenever I started to feel anxious. Taking in the beautiful landscape with the relaxing music playing gave me a calm, peaceful feeling.


2 thoughts on “Photo 101 Landscape and a Peaceful Feeling

  1. It is a beautiful scene. However my eye is drawn to the utility cable hanging in the midst of the scene. Some may not notice it? Right now I am somewhat sensitized to them. Where I live we have numerous cables hanging from posts in front of our house right in front of a nice view of a low mountain. I notice them more because just a couple blocks away there is a neighborhood in which the cables are buried. What a difference!


    • I agree that it is definitely a distraction. I noticed it too. The picture was take when we were driving by on the bus, so the quality isn’t that great. Now that I am practicing more, I may be able to figure out how to keep it from happening again.

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