ymcaToday’s photo101 theme  was glass, so I  took a picture through the YMCA windows on my way in this morning. It was chilly outside and I was tired, so the photo is a bit blurry. I also tried to capture the reflection of the clock lights on the glassy surface of the water before it was disrupted by all the swimmers.

I started swimming three mornings a week. I arrive at the Y before it is light out, and the only thing motivating me to dive into that cool water is the thought of how good it will feel once I get going. I find that swimming is one of those rare activities in which it seems easier to practice mindfulness because I can pick something like my stroke, the feel of the water, or being in synch with the other swimmers to focus on. I am swimming with a group of people who are my age, so it doesn’t feel too intense. We pair up in lanes and try to go at the same pace as our partner, according to our varying speeds in the water. I am with the “slow” group, which is fine with me. Like many aspects of life, it is always nice to share our experiences with others.

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