Day 20 Triumph


My favorite triumph picture is of my daughter hugging her best friend, right after she broke the school record in her swimming event. This picture was taken from afar, so the quality is not that great. Nonetheless, it was a day of joy, after her year-long struggle with an eating disorder and depression (including a hospitalization), not knowing whether she would make it through that year of college.

I’d like to say everything was smooth sailing after that day, but as with all things in life, there have been peaks and valleys. Nonetheless, it was one of those victories along the way that make her the person she is today, and she continues to be an amazing, strong person, so full of energy and zest for life.


My daughter is home for the weekend, sleeping quietly upstairs as I type this post, and my heart is full of a mother’s love. Her dog is perched on the chair by the window where he often chills when he is home. We are blessed in this moment.

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