What women do to each other

On the road today. 

 I’m heading off to some place sunny for spring break and my spirits are high. This morning I was in the hotel lobby watching the news with my EM (emergency contact as we call each other because boyfriend sounds too weird when you are in your 50s) and we had this conversation. 

Me:” looks like she’s with child,” (referring to weather reporter). 

 To which he replied: “Yep she sure is.” 

Me: “She should probably wear a darker color….”  

His calm reply: “and that’s how you hold each other back…”  

Silence. The truth hurts. 

 How can I expect him or any other man to refrain from making observations and judgments about women based on their appearance if I am doing the same thing?

 We are back on the road now, heading to the beach and I am mindful of the beautiful country that surrounds me and feeling a little more enlightened.

3 thoughts on “What women do to each other

  1. I don’t know – an observation doesn’t necessarily mean criticism and when a person presents herself on tv or is in the public eye she sorta puts herself out there for observation and opinions. Her attire represents a part of who she is and given her profession she should look her best. She’s getting paid to be on TV. And I have to add it’s not like you criticized her choice to her face.

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