Bridging the Gap in Mental Health Care

Grand Canyon 2011 125I often wonder why more progress hasn’t been made in developing effective treatments and finding cures for illnesses that fall into the mental health category. For too many years these illnesses have been marginalized and treated more like character flaws than actual health conditions.

I did a web search today to learn about studies that are currently being conducted and found a rather large listing. is “a web-based resource that provides patients, their family members, health care professionals, researchers, and the public with easy access to information on publicly and privately supported clinical studies on a wide range of diseases and conditions”.

As a researcher and mental health advocate, I think it is so important to become involved whenever possible and to assert one’s voice in order to accelerate the progress of finding cures and treatments for these illnesses.

Click on this link to search for studies.

7 thoughts on “Bridging the Gap in Mental Health Care

  1. To open up on a public level is really a scary way to bring all my feelings and emotions out,most of the time it just makes me anger and full of rage,that I end up on a rant. But today it feels different,so l will try to say something constructive about what the issue means to me. I am a survivor of suicide,and a long time veteran of depression,most of my treatment was a miss diagnoses ,to this day I’m am not sure if I was ever what I was told but back then they were quick throw a label on you and move you along. It has only been in these past 5years or so that I have taken an more pro active approach
    and had much better results because I wasn’t settling for less than average results. Yes the system is broken,with little margins of hope,but you struck a cord when you said if you look you will find,this is what I’ve been doing seeking answers,this has helped me more than therapy and or medicine
    I believe that if you stand on you own to feet and say why not every time they say you can’t this take some of the power away from this illness that I have
    As always Sheldon


    • Sheldon, First of all, I am happy that you survived and persisted in finding the answers you needed. I found out early on that it does take a lot of work to find what we need. There is a lot of mediocre and sub-par care out there, and it is hard when one is in the midst of an illness to put the energy and effort into getting the best possible treatment. I have learned to be persistent and never give up when it comes to finding what help. Thanks for making that very important point. Amy


  2. Great link. Another problem is a some doctors decide right away it is because you are depressed especially if it is a woman. Does that mean we are all depressed. No. So when people go in with a mental health issue doctors decide it is a pill you need. Maybe it is but why do they not spend some time to see what the issue really is and what type of mental health issue it is before prescribing a pill. My rant today.

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