Facebook Stalking is Causing Eating Disorders Among Women, Study Finds

I came across this article and thought it was worth pondering. I don’t know about whether Facebook stalking causes eating disorders, as there are many factors that contribute to whether someone develops one. I do believe there is at least a correlation with social media or any type of media and an unrealistic quest for the “perfect” body.


Facebook linked to bad body imagePhoto: Getty

Just when we’ve starting to make some small progress in the way real women are represented in fashion magazines, there’s another medium making females question the way they look: Facebook.

You might think that an evening scroll through your feed is harmless, but a new study says Facebook stalking could be just as damaging to your self image as seeing Photoshopped images in fashion magazines. Yep, researchers have revealed some pretty sinister side-effects of checking out your friends’ vacation snaps and outfit pics: Self-objectification, dissatisfaction with your body, and even eating disorders.

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To come up with these worrying results, a group of 150 women between 17 and 25-years-old were surveyed to determine what types of media they were using, and how that media made them feel about their bodies. Participants on average spent roughly two hours per day on Facebook, during which time they would…

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