Fear of Losing

Today’s Prompt: We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears.

What I Fear

I fear losing. Something. Anything.

Losing love.

Losing my voice.

Losing my life.

Losing my balance.

Losing my children.

Losing a friend.

Losing a competition.

Losing my family.

Losing my place in life.

Losing my home.

Losing my dignity.

Losing my mind.

Losing an opportunity.

Losing my job.

Losing my keys.

Losing my phone.

Losing the attachments that I call my security.

So please. Follow me in to the dark.

8 thoughts on “Fear of Losing

  1. To successfully move through life. One must first learn, the art of non-attachment.

    This is not only applied to material things, also emotions. Universal love is found within. It is a delicate balance and not easily learned. It is the path to Samadhi. Pure blissful state. One must also learn to trust, in the universe. Everything has its purpose. Cheers Jamie.

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  2. Beautiful heartfelt post. Thank you for giving me an idea also for my next post. My step-son (who is a great chef and that is not biased) and has dealt with depression and anxiety for some time now but opened his own small restaurant with all natural foods like no deep frying etc. sooo good. Anyhow he was just in Chopped Canada but was cut first as he did not have enough time to get all on plate – they liked his food though. He had a hard time for a while as he knew it would be aired and thought people (some family issues) would see him as a failure. Well he did some professional interviews and he took what he learned from the experience (also counselling and meds are helping) he lost the contest but he won so much more and that is why I am so darn proud of him.

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    • My daughter is going through something similar with an opportunity that she had hoped would pan out but didn’t. It is hard watching her feel like a failure, but I think she, like your step-son, will also learn some valuable lessons.

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      • Good luck to her. It’s amazing that when we think we want something so bad and we get something else it can end up being the best thing…I love the journey.

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