To My Mother


NAMI Walk May 9, 2015

Dear Mom,

Did you know you mattered to me?

When you were joyful, so was I

And when you saw demons, I did  too

When you wept, I wept

When you danced with joy, I did too

When you went away, I missed you

When they told me you didn’t love me, I knew better

I could see through the demons to you

It wasn’t you who broke my heart

It was your illness that broke your heart

And when cancer stepped in like a cosmic joke

I breathed your last breath with you

And when they tried to steal my grief,

And when they hushed my broken heart

I pulled myself out of the shadows

The light of justice burning fiercely,

And marched for you, and

For all those who are fighting demons

Because, did you know, you still matter to me.

11 thoughts on “To My Mother

  1. What a wonderful poem about your mother. It touched me as my son is in the Hosp yet again and I am broken hearted. Thanks for writing. Can I use your poem in one of my blogs or part of it. I will give you credit obviously and not plagiarize.

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    • Thank you. Your mum sounds like a wonderful person and it sounds like you have a great relationship with her. She must be very special that she gave up so much to take care of her own mum.

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      • She is Amy. She never looks at Schizophrenia but simply at a Person who gave birth to her. Its amazing how my mum still consults my grandmother on many things and really values her opinion. They live in Islamabad and when my mum has to go out of city. Our neighbours really help us out with care needs. I will tell my mum about you. She will like hearing all about it


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