1 feelingsFor Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Feelings are the torches in the night, guiding us to examine our thoughts

by Amy

This quote was inspired by the realization that sometimes I can be going along smoothly and then some small thing will happen that triggers a strong, visceral response. It often takes me awhile to sort through where the emotions are coming from, but when I am able to trace my feelings back to a thought, examine that thought, and find a way to express it in a healthy manner, the emotional response passes quickly. This revelation may seem elementary for some, but for someone who has spent a lifetime trying to numb her feelings, it is a big step for me.

Later today I will be writing my next post in the “A Day in the Life Series” in which I will be looking at some of the events in my life that lead to my propensity to try to escape my feelings.

6 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. You are so not alone. I have spent my whole life squashing or trying to change the way I feel. It never got me anywhere good. Today i am trying new ways to deal.


  2. Hi Amy, your quote is great, I’m always trying to hide my feelings, afraid of what is going to happen if I release them, what the other will think. It’s a battle!


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