Happy birthday dear brother

I never thought you would be gone so quickly,

I wasn’t ready for my mighty oak to fall.

I still remember how I followed you around

trying to prove I could do all the same things as you;

climbing the highest trees, wading through the muddiest creeks,

and never dropping any of the balls you lobbed my way.

Practicing trumpet until my lips were swollen,

just to catch up with your talent.

Never was I as accomplished as you.

And yet here I am now, walking this path alone,

your once strong heart having failed you one day.

You were my buddy, the one I could trust the most.

You were my shield, my helmsman,

and my memory keeper.

You lifted my spirits when I grew weary,

And I lifted yours when you grew weary.

How much I do miss you every day.

How thankful I am to have shared this sacred journey with you,

if only for a short while.

In loving memory of my brother, Scott, who passed away unexpectedly in 2008. 

11 thoughts on “Happy birthday dear brother

  1. This is beautiful Amy. Scott loves it. In 2009 my dad’s only brother passed away. He went to polling station and collapsed and Angels took him in 30sec. He was only 39. I was thinking of him and I read your beautiful poem. I am sending it to my dad. He’s in Islamabad.

    RIP in Scott. He would have been so proud of your work and the beautiful caring and giving person you are today.

    Lots of Love


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