Feeling grateful for my fellow bloggers

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Dear fellow bloggers,

When I was a little girl I dreamed about having pen pals in faraway places. I imagined there was someone living in another country who thought about things the way I did and who had experienced some of the same things I had experienced.  Unfortunately, it never happened. There were too many other things going on in our household to make finding a pen pal a priority.

Fast forward many years later to the age of the internet, and here I am living out my childhood fantasy. I am so grateful to have a place to do what I love the most, writing, and  to connect with others with the same passion.

I have met so many interesting, soulful people from all corners of the world since starting this blog. My blog got off to a painfully slow start, and there were many times I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue. I am so glad I did because it has helped me to grow and heal.

I have heard the voices of many people sharing about their travels, their triumphs and defeats,  and many who, like me,  have been impacted either personally or by a friend or family member who has a chronic illness that affects their mental health.  I have enjoyed living vicariously through those who travel and live in exotic places, and through the beautiful endeavors of the poets, photographers, artists, journalists, humorists, and writers of prose.

Never would I have understood the exact ways in which blogging would influence my views on life. A forum to write and enjoy other people’s creativity is a gift that continues to inspire me, and I have learned so much from the thought-provoking and encouraging feedback I have received.

If I could, I would throw a big party for all of my fellow bloggers, because I would love to meet you all in person. Instead, I will enjoy the fact that I finally have my “pen pals” and look forward to continuing this voyage together.

Yours truly,



67 thoughts on “Feeling grateful for my fellow bloggers

  1. Penpals ~ brings me back to my childhood days. I remember I had two I believe? A distinct but fond memory when people used to write real letters. 🙂

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      • I never even thought about that! I was only in the 6th grade when I started exchanging letters with them. I don’t even remember which countries they were from, I think Greece and Romania? hehe. Maybe that was what further inspired my wanderlust 😉

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  2. Love this post. 🙂 Blogging is an interesting adventure. You write something from the heart include some photos you’ve attempted to improve upon, and you get a comment. Who knew a comment could make your day? I know there are millions of people on the various social media sights texting, tweeting, uploading, posting to a wall, but I like bloggers. They’re a special breed. 🙂

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  3. Well done Amy,

    I think pen pals are extremely precious and I’m honoured to be one of yours. One day I hope to be able to post a map so colourful and, like you, I won’t give up.


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  4. This really says it so well. How blessed we are to be in the midst of this blog world. I am always learning, being inspired and entertained, challenged, and just having so much fun. Our planet is inhabited with so many interesting people eager to share their experiences and thoughts.

    Excellent post. Thank you.


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  6. Came over from Jennifer’s Journal and glad I did. What a wonderful post. I feel much the same way you do, having no idea what kind of impact blogging would have on my life when I first started. The people here are amazing and there is so much to learn from each and every one of them. Pen Pals – love the sounds of that.


  7. Hi Amy: We’re new to your blog by way of mutual blogging bud, Jennifer. What a beautiful post and so true!! Cyber pen pals. It’s wonderful that something so dear from our childhood past has come up with us in this new internet age and allowed us to meet interesting new people from every corner of the world. And what an incredible forum you have that celebrates so many different kinds of art and culture. Our hats off to you for allowing such freedom of expression to be shared on your space. 😉


  8. Hi, Amy. So glad I came to visit today. You write very movingly about your mother and family; you have quite a perspective to educate us from. Thank you for following my blog.


  9. Wow Amy what a fantastic post! And you are so right, I never dreamed that blogging would enhance my world the way it has. You wrote it perfectly and I am so happy for being a fellow blogger and pen pal too!!! With a great big smile on my face – Thank You!!! 🙂


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