There are Days

There are days when I seek the adventures in life

and nothing seems to stand between me and my dreams

There are days when I recoil from life’s demands

and the simplest task seems like a challenge

This is the way of it with me

There are days that are easy

and there are days that are hard

On the days that are hard I remember

how I conquered other such days

and on the days that are easy and joyful

I accept the gift with gratitude

Here is an excerpt from one of my previous posts about the lessons I learned from hiking the Grand Canyon. I remind myself of this lesson whenever I start to compare myself to others or feel like I should be doing something more or better in the moment.

Lesson #8 – One Person’s Failure is Another Person’s Victory: There are many options to seeing the Grand Canyon. Day trips, lookout points, challenging backpacking trips, alone or with tour groups. It was amazing to see the variety of people who were there – old, young, disabled, different sizes and shapes; all there to challenge and enhance their lives with this incredible experience; all moving at their own paces. I can’t imagine doing what some spoke of doing, going rim to rim to rim in one day, or being part of the long-distance running groups that skirted by us on the narrow paths, with sweat dripping down them. Other’s couldn’t imagine doing what we did, preferring to go instead to an overlook to see the views.

For those who have mental health issues, it is easy to allow comparisons to others make us feel like a failure. “Why can’t I do what they did?” “Why is this so hard for me?” The only person I can compare to is myself. Accepting setbacks as a part of recovery and moving forward from there is the key to recovery. One day we may be able to do things with ease that another day may seem impossible, and sometimes it is necessary to reset our goals, settling for the day trip in order to see the view, rather than the 3 day trip. It is easier to move forward when we accept this rather than comparing to those around us, who have their own set of circumstances and challenges that may be completely different.

4 thoughts on “There are Days

  1. That’s exactly how we should think and feel. We need the good memories in order to come over the tough challenges of life. Therefore we should make it an effort to create as many beautiful memories as possible – perhaps even in tough situations.

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