A Day In the Life: When the sheriff takes your mom away

This post in my A Day in the Life Series is written in the voice of my 14-year-old self.

When the sheriff takes your mom away,

You cry yourself to sleep at night and get up the next day and go to school with your clown face on

You fear you will never see her again, and you fear the day she comes back home

You feel a sickening sense of relief when you come home to a quiet house

You feel a horrible sense of guilt because you hated her the night before they took her away

You sit on the couch and watch as much  t.v. as you want and eat as much food as you want

You pretend your baby sisters are yours and you brush their beautiful blonde locks and dress them up like they are your pride and joy

You can’t stop praying and become obsessed with church

You despise the visits to see your mom at the dreary institution

You start to question who to believe, yourself or your mom, who tells you the bandaged wound on her wrist was caused by you

You blush a lot more and walk through the hallways at school with your head down

You are afraid that people are talking about you

You sleep with your door open and no longer worry about being shoved or awakened at night

You get to sit at the table at mealtime instead of in a room by yourself

You make your own clothes to wear to school

You start to question your own sanity

You spend more time talking to your brother and take comfort in his words

You yearn for more time with your father

You feel like your mom is a criminal, because that is how she is treated

You wait for things to get better but don’t believe they will

You write poems, play your trumpet, and draw pictures of the life you wish you had

You day-dream a lot

You are never the same

You learn to work harder and you never stop trying

You embark on a journey to find your true self

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8 thoughts on “A Day In the Life: When the sheriff takes your mom away

  1. Thanks Van. Yes, it felt good to just let it out without censoring, but also a little strange. I’m not accustomed to being that forthright about my emotions back then.


  2. I am glad you have your blog in order to put your feelings in words and send them away. It is amazing how you are able to put in words what mostly can only be felt and give us a picture of your inner world.

    Liked by 1 person

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