A Day in the Life: For the love of birds

When I was growing up, we always had parakeets. My mom loved having birds in the house, as they brought back fond childhood memories of her dad who raised parakeets. My sister and I had some lovely birds over the years as well.ย  Parakeets and cockatiels are such social creatures and can brighten up any household with their cheerful antics. I hope you enjoy these lighthearted photos of our birds after yesterdays intense post.

Just a note: While it is very difficult for me to write my A Day in the Life Series, I do appreciate all of the supportive feedback I have received. I write these posts not for sympathy or the therapeutic value, but to call attention to what I believe is a basic human rights issue. People who have illnesses such as paranoid schizophrenia have been marginalized, stigmatized, criminalized, and stripped of their basic human rights for too long now. Even now, as access to healthcare is improving, there are still way too many examples of how our society continues to rely on antiquated, misguided assumptions about people who have “mental illnesses”.

12 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: For the love of birds

  1. Just because there are professional people doesn’t mean they are as such,it is surely a hit and miss when it comes to finding the rite fit when it comes to health care I found a lot of people who don’t know Jack when it comes to certain issues
    Now for you birds there are beautiful and thing to take the edge off works for me
    As always Sheldon

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  2. We had cockatiels in the past too. The Sam, the male, could say a few words. His first word was the females name ; Sunny.. Later he would say “pretty bird sunny ” he had a slight lispL Too funny!


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