Making assumptions

I saw this on a Facebook page called Rethink Mental Illness

“When you live with schizophrenia, or any mental illness, it’s easy for people to make assumptions. What are the assumptions people make about you and how do you deal with them?

(This excellent illustration is from Find Chaos Comics)”

Rethink Mental Illness's photo.

Illustration retrieved from Find Chaos Comics

12 thoughts on “Making assumptions

  1. Heh, try being bipolar, having comorbid chronic illnesses, dealing with chronic pain (which makes me grumpy), and going through menopause! Thank goodness for good medication or I wouldn’t know which way was up.

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    • Wow, I feel for you. Going through menopause with anxiety disorder was enough for me and you are right, thank goodness for medication. You deserve a super sweet vacation!


      • At least I no longer have a husband who constantly asks me if I’m “on the rag” every time I get a little angry (I divorced that Bozo). My current husband would never think of asking such a stupid question. That’s helpful. ^_^


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