Feeling Brilliant

Funny-Yoga-CatsToday I made a small change that made a big difference in my day. I went to a yoga session during my lunch hour.

I have known for quite some time now that there was a small fitness center one floor above our offices. Indeed, my co-workers and I have been known to complain about the noise coming from above, sometimes sounding like a set of weights are going to drop right onto our heads, or like the person on the treadmill may have exceeded the speed limit.

A while back our people finally complained to their people and were told there was nothing that could be done about it. There was simply nowhere else in the building for them to go. All was not lost though, and instead they offered to give us a discounted membership. That was quite some time ago, and it has taken me this long to take them up on this nearly free offer.

I mean come on now, it is just one floor above me!Β  I can go up there for a half hour during lunch time, get a little work-out to de-stress, and still be able to grab a bite to eat at my desk. This will come in really handy on the days that I have classes and can’t make it out for a run or a swim before or after work.Β  I have also vowed to pack my lunch, thereby making up for the cost of the fitness center in just one week each month.

I felt so peaceful after my yoga class. I didn’t even need to drink more caffeine to get through the afternoon. Suddenly I feel brilliant.

The moral of this story is that sometimes the answer to your question might come in the form of a slight pounding over your head, begging for your attention.

29 thoughts on “Feeling Brilliant

  1. Any type of aquatic exercise is good for me or a nice walk a long walk but only because of the problems I have. I tried yoga and just could not get it done. You are lucky to have it so handy

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    • I agree about aquatics and walking – they are always my “go to”. Yoga is really hard to do since I’m not flexible, so I just do what I can and modify. I’m trying to keep an open mind about it any way.

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  2. I have heard of this craziness! Someone told me they have a yoga membership that applies all over town and they go in the middle of the work day whenever they have a chance when their work schedule permits. And now this! I may have to find some inspiration here. Good for you, I am sure it helps. Namaste. P.S. Love the cat.


  3. Go you! My physical therapist (for my shoulder) keeps bugging me to go to water aerobics… I finally agreed to go next week. But it’s begrudgingly. I know it’s good for me, but the thought of being in a class with all of those other people is like >>shudder<<. Yech. I'm way too introverted for that sort of thing.


    • Yeah, I was intimidated by classes like that at first, but it can be fun if you get the right people in there. Everybody’s in the same boat so hopefully it will be a great experience for you. Good luck with it. Shoulder pain can be a bear.


  4. Oh Amy that’s so great! I just started doing Yoga myself. By your picture you seem to be very flexible and I bet you do “cat” very well… πŸ˜‰


      • I’m really liking it, I’m looking forward to when I know the moves better and then can concentrate more on my breathing and really get into it intention and relaxation wise. Thanks for asking…I’m happy it’s helping you too!


      • It takes awhile to get the hang of it. I went to a great class last night, and it feels like it is getting a little easier. At my age I need to keep it up! πŸ™‚ Glad you are enjoying it as well.

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      • I know, the flexibility part is what takes time. So glad your class was great…and we literally have to keep it “up”…πŸ˜‰ at our age!! Lol


  5. I know this is a bit late but nice one, Amy! I have been toying with this idea too as there’s a gym down the road from work and now that I have a car I don’t really have an excuse… Reading this post was good motivation to get my tush moving πŸ˜‰ Also, love the yoga-cat – so cute! Lol


    • Thanks! I am looking forward to going today again at lunch time. It gives me something to look forward to. You should definitely drive down the road and give it a try next time you have a chance. Thanks!


  6. What a wonderful step you took ! As they say change starts from within, you took one good step for yourself, hopefully everything in life is coming together for you!

    Good luck with your yoga class! I wish I could muster up strength to be active but I’m a lazy bum! lol

    Have a spectacular week ahead ❀


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