I Write to Think – Writer’s Quote Wednesday

a gift from the sea picHere is my quote for Silver Threading’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday.

I find myself looking forward to Wednesdays so that I can display some of my favorite quotes. And, I am pretty excited today because I figured out how to add a quote to my photograph using PicMonkey.

The reason I love Anne Morrow Lindberg’s quote so much is that it sums up a philosophy I have lived by since my early childhood. For some reason I am wired to write, and part of my joy in living is writing about my experiences.

When I was a small child I wrote all kinds of stories, books, comics, and poems, and I have always kept a journal. I never thought about it until I read this quote, but taking a pen to paper (or fingers to a keyboard now) truly was and is the way in which I am able to live more consciously and not just go through the motions of my day. Writing adds another dimension to my life and opens my eyes to the story inside the story. I never feel like I have suffered in vain during hard times, because it is all part of the story, interwoven with all of the joyful times, that makes my life worth living.

I have a feeling most of my fellow bloggers feel the same way, and it is such a pleasure to share this joy with so many kindred spirits.

24 thoughts on “I Write to Think – Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. The journey is a conscious decision based on your willingness to survive,in that decision you learn all that life has to offer,no one knows it’s outcome,only its need. In the end it is a gift just waiting for us……….
    This is a good one
    Great post excellent job
    As always Sheldon

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    • Sheldon, I like what you said about no one knows the outcome. That is so true, so we might as well enjoy the journey along the way. In a sense, the journey is the best outcome we can expect.


    • I agree, there is an incredible amount of healing that takes place when I write. Sometimes when I go back and read my journals, I am amazed at how much I have captured along the way, and where that journey has taken me.

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  3. This quote captures what I think is so essential for myself as a writer – I write my way into being. At every stage of the process the act of writing is the access point – to the characters, to the story, to the whole thing. I don’t think up the story and write it down. I start writing and the story develops. Great quote!


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