A Day in the Life: Welcome to the Family


Here is another post in my A Day in the Life Series about growing up with a mom who had paranoid schizophrenia.

My mom used to believe she had ESP, often exclaiming with delight, “I knew that was going to happen!” after some particular event had occurred, like the phone ringing or a neighbor showing up at the door,  

There was never any solid evidence she was truly clairvoyant, as  she never spoke of her premonitions beforehand, and only admitted to them after the fact.

However, looking back, maybe she did have the ability to predict the future.

I’ll never forget the day I showed up at my parent’s house with a newly acquired engagement ring and the proud young man whom I had finally finagled into giving it to me. We were all aglow and couldn’t wait to tell my mom and dad the news – we were getting married.

My dad was sitting on the piano bench, my sisters were outside playing, and my mom was sitting in her usual spot nibbling on a can of peanuts and eyeing us with curiosity. She had actually been doing quite well, and we’d been spending more time with my family over the past few months.

We sat on the worn blue couch staring down at my ring, my poor beau wringing his hands nervously, summoning the courage to say the words. I finally sprang to my feet, took a deep breath and made the announcement.

“We are getting married” I said proudly, holding up my finger to show off the modest marquise diamond perched on a shiny 14 k white gold band.

My dad congratulated us with a broad smile on his face, and before I had even completed my next sentence my mom stood up, walked up the stairs, and slammed her bedroom door loudly.

We all looked at each other dumbfounded.

“Welcome to the family” my dad chuckled, followed by “how about those Reds?”

31 years later when our marriage finally succumbed to its slow and painful death I recall that day and think, maybe my mom was psychic after all.

Wedding-Marraige-Cartoon-01To see the last post in this series, click here.

13 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Welcome to the Family

  1. Reminds me of my first marriage. We went around to visit her Mom and Step-dad. Heck I even drove 300 miles or so out of the back and beyond, at the time. Only to be greeted at the front to door, as she blurted out the news. (Snort) … well I give it a year! End of conversation. Well it lasted almost four … that’s not the point. It’s that squelching of your offspring. That bodes ill.

    Yeah maybe your Mom had a touch of the clairvoyant? Perhaps that’s why the mind gets overloaded? All that info, continually pouring in? Or maybe it just gets short-circuited? Only life really knows … Cheers Jamie

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  2. So interesting. Can’t relate to that reaction from Mom, though. Mine was crazy about my husband-to-be. I used to tell her that I thought she might have been more excited about our marriage than I ever was…that’s another whole story.

    Maybe your mother was just sad to be losing you to another person, or had some doubts about marriage in general…just guessing. Just for the record, Amy, it seems like 31 years is hardly a marriage “fail”. That is a lifetime relationship for most people. ☺


      • He is smart, funny, and multi-talented. If anything needed work on my parent’s house…he was there…electrician, plumber, carpentry, etc. In 4 decades, through multiple homes, we’ve never needed a repair man. Mom was impressed, so am I, and thankful…I tell him all the time. ☺

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