My Happy Place Is Here

Well, I guess it is official. I am one of those “serious bloggers”. In fact, I will go to great lengths not to miss a day of blogging. Even though I am lying on the couch, feeling sicker than I’ve felt in years, with shards of glass in my throat (or at least it feels that way), body aches, chills, and a low-grade fever, I still feel compelled to at least write a short post.

It has taken quite awhile to get to this point. I started this blog in 2011 but didn’t post regularly until this past March, when I took PhotoΒ 101, followed by Writing 101.

Now I am getting ready to start the 2-week course,Β Blogging 201, in hopes of learning how to improve my blog. My first assignment is to name three goals. I have a lot of goals and it was hard to narrow it down to 3, so I wrote down my top 4:

  1. Expand my audience by tapping into and utilizing other social media tools.
  2. Learn more about the tools that are available to improve the appearance, format, and readability of my blog.
  3. Become more comfortable writing opinion pieces.
  4. Get my AΒ Day in the Life Series published.

So, wish me luck and feel free to give me suggestions and feedback.

Now, I am going to close my eyes and go to my happy place. I hope to wake up feeling better.


23 thoughts on “My Happy Place Is Here

  1. Amy, great goal setting. You’ve got a great blog. I especially enjoy the posts about your mom. The way you write about it makes me feel like it’s ok to laugh. I’m sure that’s your intention. When you can make a serious subject easier to understand and others want to read about it you’ve done a wonderful thing.

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  2. Oh, so you are earlier than me in blogging, dear Amy! You are such a great blogger, indeed! Hey, I registered to blogging 201 too, but I was absent in day 1 n 2. I read the assignments as well! Take care! 😊

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