Being sick – Writer’s Quote Wednesday

sick qoute

Here is my quote for Silver Threading’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday. I am still feeling under the weather, to say the least, but I always look forward to finding a good quote. 

As I lie here on the couch this morning, still too sick to go to work or function, I wonder, what did you mean by that, my dear Ben?

What do you think it means?

14 thoughts on “Being sick – Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. hm…I have honestly not heard that quote before. ..I can’t think of any time it’s OK to be….I do however remember a few occasions in my childhood that I pretended to be sick, to miss a particular day in school. Didn’t happen very often, because I liked school, bit it did happen..

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  2. Could he mean don’t wait too long before admitting you don’t feel good and don’t rush too fast back to activities when you have been ill? Great quotes make a person think, so this is a good one! Thanks for the morning brain jolt along with my coffee.


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