Blogging 201: Days 2 and 3

IMG_0665Day 2 assignment: audit your brand — look at all the ways you communicate information about your blog to make sure they’re consistent and focused.

Here are a couple of my thoughts about branding:

  1. My blog is dedicated to my mom, Shirley,  who had paranoid schizophrenia and passed away twenty years ago. I have been trying to figure out the best way to portray  “Shirley’s Heaven”. The intent of my blog is to raise awareness about a broad range of topics related to mental health, and to be a strong advocate for changing the way society treats people with these illnesses. By telling my mom’s story, I am acknowledging the struggles she encountered because of her illness and also the times she found peace through her gardening and being outside in nature.  When I remember my mom now, I like to picture her sitting on a deck surrounded by trees and flowers, on a bright sunny day, in her heaven. I am still searching for an image that can portray that sense of hope and peace, like the one above. 
  2. I have been noticing that some of my favorite blogs definitely have a “brand” that is consistent throughout their site. Here are a couple of sites that do an excellent job of branding:

Day 3 assignment: make sure your site is mobile-friendly, and familiarize yourself with the features of responsive design.

As far as I can tell, my site is mobile-friendly. I will need to do a little more research into the responsive design and how that works. So much to learn!


13 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Days 2 and 3

  1. My blog is also about mental health issues. My daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was a teenager. We felt we had no support but since I’ve been blogging (1 week) I’m finding so many blogs on the topic. Your site is very iPad friendly. Great job!

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  2. Amy – I love the premise of your blog and the idea that you’d like your branding to represent where your mother found her piece. For me, the openness of the photo in your banner works very well, especially when juxtaposed against the title because mental health issues can feel so confining. Keep going!

    And thank you for stopping my to like one of my posts at


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