Look Inside: Writer’s Quote Wednesday

quote 8-12-15

I always look forward to Silver Threading’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday when I get to find a quote that really speaks to me.

It is so easy in our culture to get caught up in the “if only I had…” mentality that deprives us of our peace of mind in the moment.  Every single day we are bombarded with messages and images that tell us we can’t really be happy until we have “arrived” or attained that perfect job, body, health, relationship, financial status, free time, or fill in the blank.

Why wait? Why not take a little time to invest in your own peace of mind by slowing down, taking a deep breath, and noticing what is worthwhile about yourself in this very moment.

When I take time to get to know myself just the way I am rather than the way I wish I  could be, I give myself what nobody else can give me – peace of mind.



14 thoughts on “Look Inside: Writer’s Quote Wednesday

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