Slogging through Blogging

With summer winding down, I feel like I am entering the last leg of a marathon. The finish line is within my reach now, except that I still have the hardest miles to go before I reach my destination.

In two weeks I  will be back in school and pushing towards my goal of having my master’s degree by next fall.  After a relatively calm summer, my job is going to be extremely busy again, I have to present at an international conference, my daughter will be moving, and my dad’s surgery is just around the corner.

I’ve never been one to handle anticipatory anxiety very well, and this time is no exception. I can be quite the worrier when it comes to the future. The good news is that I just read an article in the Huffington Post about a research study that actually found worrying to be a sign of intelligence. I must be brilliant. Well, that is except for my tendency to worry about things like whether I offended someone or said something wrong at a social gathering, then it might be a sign of less intelligence. I’m not sure if I am guilty of the actual offense or the worry in this case, but I don’t have time to worry about that right now.My real reason for writing this post is that I am also fretting about how I will be able to keep up with my blog when I am so busy. Not to mention that I really enjoy connecting with all the wonderful bloggers out there, and I am hoping I can still make time to do that.

I started this blog a few years ago but didn’t really get going with it until the past year. It started out as more of a SLOG and then became a blog.

Hopefully I’m won’t go back to slogging and can continue blogging. Who knows, maybe it will keep me from worrying so much.

17 thoughts on “Slogging through Blogging

  1. As slowly you step there just could be time for all things of interest
    Walk slowly to the door and walk without hesitation
    With each door yet another will open
    Yes there is uncertainty Yes there is fear
    But it all starts by walking through the door
    Stay strong
    We are here for you
    As always Sheldon

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  2. I have to point out gently … that the Huffington Post is not the truth … or other people’s opinions. Fatre all it is just mind stuff. The problems arise when we believe it!
    Listen to your heart and soul and what ignites and nourishes you deeply within.:)
    Break those habits and shoulds Amy!!

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    • I agree – the Internet is filled with stuff to make us worry and it really doesn’t matter as long as I keep a sense of humor about it. Glad for your gentle reminder about the “shoulds” that I put on myself

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  3. I’d say a sense of humor is a sign of intelligence, Amy, as you show in that post. You’ll be fine. Write when you can, and try to keep thinking of it as a healing activity, rather than a stressful one. No worries.

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  4. Worrying and intelligence link ? Interesting. We must all be brilliant. ☺ Do the blog at your own pace, Amy, and for your own enjoyment. When it becomes a burden, you’ll lose something. ❤️ Best of luck moving forward. You needn’t be worried. ☺

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  6. It’s never easy,and it almost always sucks
    The uncertainty is what always gets to me
    I want the answer and I want to know the outcome now
    It’s just not that way
    If I can catch myself fast enough to say you’ve been here before
    And you pretty much know the outcome
    I’m usually ok
    I’m sending you lite and Lolo
    As always Sheldon


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