Courageous Vulnerability

Courageous Vulnerability by Sarah Bryan.

I love the message in this TED talk that was posted in Bright Ideas Collective today.  It is the response to all of the angst, anxiety, and anticipatory worry I was talking about in my post from last Friday.

So often in my quest to achieve my personal or professional goals, I end up numbing my emotions. As Brene’ Brown points out in her talk, you can’t numb your feelings of  pain, grief, or disappointment without also numbing feelings of happiness, contentment, and bliss.

We don’t hear this message very often these days. More often we hear a message that if we achieve X, Y, or Z at any cost, then we will be happy, and we falsely believe we can set aside all of our feelings until we reach our destination.  Learning to accept my feelings was the key component to my recovery process, and it is easy to backslide when I am stressed.

Today I am setting my intentions to accept my vulnerability and to feel rather than resist it, and to welcome the entire spectrum of emotions that may come and go in response to being alive.1415421_10152472366339211_2007634864152853210_oIf I want to be able to enjoy moments like this, then I am willing to accept those moments of uncertainty and vulnerability.


10 thoughts on “Courageous Vulnerability

  1. Love the TED talk…I’ve never been able to numb the negative emotions…it’s all a part of a feeling, thinking human being. I tried, but was glad to have failed. It/they made me appreciate all the good stuff.

    p.s….What a wonderful, joyful photo, Amy…just beautiful ! ☺❤️

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