Gardening Woes

Inspired by the beautiful green space surrounding me, I decided to put more effort into my gardening this year.

I even bought a fancy rain barrel.

IMG_2358The good news is that the barrel filled up right away, but the not so good news is that we had rain almost every day this summer which helped my lettuce sprout up quickly only to be gobbled up by nearby bunnies or some other type of critter. Or possibly the possum that crawled up under my deck and died, leaving a terrible stench, may have had an anaphylactic reaction to all the cabbage he consumed (do possums eat cabbage?).

As the summer has progressed, my results have been mixed.

Meanwhile, at my childhood buddy’s house the plants are flourishing and hummingbirds flutter about feasting on her flower’s nectar.


And the dog is living the life too….

IMG_1493I guess I need to face the fact that gardening isn’t my forte. Gardens need lots of attention of which I am of short supply these days.

This fall I think I’ll try planting some mums, and if that doesn’t work, there is always next year.

9 thoughts on “Gardening Woes

  1. I think yours looks good. I’ve tried a garden but lose steam midway through the season. I think maybe I should start super small — like one or two pots on my porch. I just don’t have the time or enthusiasm to commit at this stage of my life…and I’m surprisingly okay with that.

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  2. When they built my community, they took away all the topsoil, and left us with rock. Many things that we planted failed in the process, so I turned to a deck garden with potted herbs, cherry tomatoes, peppers, etc. That seems to work, if the rabbits would just leave them alone !!


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