Release The Child Within

“For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.”
― John Connolly, The Book of Lost Things

Photo by J. Allmyer

Photo by J. Allmyer

It is a beautiful day outside and I was halfway through cleaning my house when my friend called and asked me to go on a hike. Is this a trick question? Of course I’ll go. As much as I love cleaning (not so much) I am going to break away and take advantage of the joy I experience when I listen to my inner child – you know – the one who likes to have fun. I will have plenty of time to be an adult starting next week when I’m back in school, and work is on fire. Until then, I am going to enjoy my weekend.

One of my girls’ favorite tapes to listen to when they were growing up was Marlo Thomas’ Free to Be and I especially liked this poem about housework.

Off to the woods now. Enjoy your day too!IMG_1477



13 thoughts on “Release The Child Within

  1. OHHHhhhh! Can I come too?!!? This looks fabulous. I applaud you for your priorities!! One of my regrets in life was at college when my older brother (also at the same school) called me to go fly a kite with him, but I had “too much studying to do”–BLAH! Great post!!

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  2. Housework sucks. There, I said it. Carol Channing is a national treasure, and her piece is great. I’ve used some of those same 50’s images in other posts. The cleaning actress is not only smiling, but always in jewelry, dresses, heels and full makeup. Women of my mother’s generation could never live up to that image, but they were inundated with them, especially in their favorite soap operas.

    And by the way…I’ll never say no to any distraction from housework…the inner child lives. ☺☺☺

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