Enlightening morning walk


Photos by T. Foltz

Have you ever wondered what happens to your flowers? Well, mystery solved. Note how well the golden retriever on the right is protecting the territory

My morning walk with the group was quite enlightening this morning. One can only assume this neighborhood is not the only buffet in town.


28 thoughts on “Enlightening morning walk

  1. Just like my neighborhood! We decided to put in a new fence to keep the deer away from the flowers … And just realized that our smallest dog can through the bars. Time for a plan B. πŸ˜‰


  2. My closest neighbor on one side has fed the deer for the past two years even though state officials warned against it and 15 died from not being able to digest the feed. I can look out my kitchen window and see 12-18 at a time munching on my plants, shrubs and trees. They can tear up a garden in no time.


  3. Wow I am surprised that they were not afraid of you or the golden retriever. My guess is they’ve been there before…what an awesome sight to come upon, thanks for sharing!!


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