My Body – Writer’s Quote Wednesday

katie dance bestToday as I reflect upon my quote for Writer’s Quote Wednesday, I am reminded of all of the wonderful ways in which my body has served me over the years, even when I was at war with it and didn’t believe it was good enough.

While I never had the kind of talent my niece displays in this photo, I am so thankful for this body of mine.  As I grow older and my body continues to change, I will treat my instrument with kindness and love, appreciating all that it has done for me.

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15 thoughts on “My Body – Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. Amy, I am right there with you in believing that my body is an instrument that deserves my care and love. It is funny how we have to get older to realize that. Thank you for such a beautiful quote. Your niece in the picture is truly astounding! What grace. ❤

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  2. When you think about all the things we replace in a lifetime like appliances, furnitures, TVs, computers, phones, and on and on, it is amazing that our bodies keep plugging along. It reminds me of that old saying about if I’d known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself. 🙂 Love the photo.

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    • So true! Lately I have had some issues and it really makes me feel like an old car that has a lot of miles on it. I definitely wish I’d taken better care of myself. Thanks!


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