Beyond Sadness – Writer’s Quote Wednesday

My quote for Writer’s Quote Wednesday is a reflection from Zelda Williams, Robin William’s daughter. 1 fp quote 2It is National Suicide Prevention Week, and Robin William’s daughter posted a beautiful Instagram message about how she is coping with his death one year later.  In her message, she acknowledges her own struggles with depression. I cannot imagine how it feels to lose a loved one to suicide, although I know what it feels like to come close. I am extremely grateful that my daughter survived her attempt and is slowly learning how to balance life’s adversities with her own health and well-being.

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There is much to be understood about the complex issues that may lead to suicide, and even more to learn about how to prevent the suffering that leads someone to this choice.

One thing we can do right now is to stop being so judgmental of people who live with mental illnesses like depression, mood disorders, addictions, and schizophrenia. Especially when they are desperately searching for some kind of relief from their isolation and pain.  A little dose of compassion and  empathy could go a long way in helping a person feel loved and accepted.

I was speaking with a gentleman yesterday who was telling me about the treatments his wife had undergone in the past year to deal with her stage 3 cancer. On several occasions she wanted to give up because it was so excruciating and debilitating, but she was able to continue on because of the love and support she received.

Why should someone with a mental illness receive any less support?

19 thoughts on “Beyond Sadness – Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. Well said for sure, Amy, and I love Zelda’s quote. She must have an amazing bank of great memories to draw upon from her dad…such a loss, though. His death last summer inspired me to restart the blog that I’d abandoned in 2012. ❤️

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  2. Great post, Amy. A lot of times when I hear people discuss depression, it is as if there is a choice. As if it can be shaken off or put aside, but it is an illness like any other. You wouldn’t hear someone telling a cancer sufferer to just get over it.


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  4. I am a survivor of suicide
    There is no cure but it can be arrested
    There is some much I have done to fill my life with alternatives
    There is even more I could……..
    I just dropped by to say hello
    I got caught up in looking around
    As always Sheldon


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