Into the Horizon

Grand Canyon 2011 017Sadly, I have not had time to post anything recently or keep up with reading posts. Taking three classes and working full-time is about as much as I can handle right now. As I watch my daily stats dropping, I feel a little panicked. It has taken so long to build this blog up, and it takes so much less time to watch it drop down again.

Keeping it all in perspective, I realize that is the way life is – we can’t have everything we want, but we can have some of what we want. I am working towards the goal of getting my master’s degree in nursing, and I can see an end in sight, albeit a year from now. I might as well look into the horizon and enjoy the journey.

Right now I am taking a Healthcare Policy class and already discovering there is a lot I didn’t know about politics and what goes into making policies. This will be important information for me as I pursue my role as a mental health advocate.

So, dear blogging friends, although I may not have as much time to blog, I will visit and write as often as possible. Having this blog has been such a wonderful way to connect with people from around the globe not only about mental health, but many other topics, and I can’t see myself ever giving it up completely.

Have a wonderful day!


26 thoughts on “Into the Horizon

  1. No, problem …! I am always a little suspicious of those who are always posting anyway’s.

    The phrase, “get a life” often springs to mind. For myself, my writing activity usually kicks in as nights get longer.

    I enjoy your posts , but I will not comment on everything. For then, I become a blowhard … rock on Amy!

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  2. Of course I would find my blogging kindred spirit just as she’s going to be slowing her writing down! I’m also a nurse writing to advocate against the stigma associated with mental illness. I think it’s marvellous that you’re pursuing your masters. Good luck and don’t worry about your stats. I suspect your readers will anxiously await your return.

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    • It’s great to hear about your advocacy. I will look forward to sharing ideas when I can come up for air. I appreciate your words of encouragement. Hopefully it will go quickly.


  3. Three classes and a full time job! Oh Amy! Remember to take good care of yourself during this very busy chunk of time in your life, that it is only temporary, and that the reward and benefit totally worth it.
    I am cheering for your success!


  4. I can’t completely understand this bit! My blog, writing and studies have majorly cut down with more policy work going on. I’ve only worked on 3 pages so far and still have to put together our collaborative writing! :))


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