Angels in the ICU

I am taking a break from my long list of things to do to express my gratitude. My dad had his open heart surgery on Monday. It has been a roller coaster ride, but things seem to be going well right now.

For the most part I’ve been optimistic about his outcome, and there was only a brief moment when I became genuinely concerned based on what I observed and my limited nursing experience with cardiac patients. Fortunately, his medical team was on top of things and able to get him stabilized pretty quickly.

Which brings me to the topic of the care he has received. I have been so impressed with the nursing staff and all that they have to juggle working in the cardiac ICU and step-down unit. It blows me away when I think about all of the different aspects of his care for which they are responsible. I am so glad my dad was under their watchful eyes, as they recognized whenever his labs, heart rate, blood pressure, drains, tubes, oxygen levels, and appearance indicated the need for further intervention. Their level of proficiency makes me proud to be part of this profession. Nurses spend more time than any other healthcare professional at the bedside of their patients and must maintain a huge base of knowledge and responsibility.

Of course I am also extremely impressed with the surgeon and thankful for what he was able to accomplish with this complicated surgery. It is obvious he loves what he does and works hard to achieve the very best outcome.

I am grateful for all of the hospital staff who have been doing an excellent job. Everyone we have encountered thus far, the physical therapists, respiratory therapists, food service personnel, and hospital volunteers seem to have a real passion for what they are doing and it shows.

Among all these people caring for my dad right now, it seems there was also an angel there with him. When he told me that he felt like there was a female sitting at the head of his bed all night and asked about the guy sitting next to him on the bed (there was no one there), it made me smile and think, for just one moment, that maybe there were angels there with him when things started deteriorating.


View from his window

Whether there were heavenly angels watching over him or not, I do know there were many real-life angels working side by side, with loving care, taking care of my dear old dad.

26 thoughts on “Angels in the ICU

  1. I do hope your Father will make a full recovery, best wishes to him from here in England. As for those your Father said were sitting by him, who knows were they from Heaven, Our Lord works in so many ways, sounds as though he was being protected. All the very best, Anna.

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