Healing Light – Writer’s Quote Wednesday

IMG_2330“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
― Rumi

I love the above quote by Rumi  and would like to share it for Writer’s Quote Wednesday.

How many times have we heard the sentiment that our trials make us stronger? How many times are we told to look on the bright side when things go wrong?  Often we may hear this from well-meaning people who seem to be living on the sunny-side and don’t have a clue about the hardships we face.  It can be extremely difficult to feel grateful when faced with one problem after another, and even more challenging to try to live up to other people’s expectations that we should rise above it all.

I have found that the truth about coping with hardships is somewhere in between. Eventually we may be able to look back and see how many ways in which the light has made its way through our wounds and made us stronger, more compassionate people. Yet the possibility of future healing doesn’t make  the suffering any less real when it is happening, and it is okay to acknowledge those feelings as well. There is a difference between pretending and being authentic, and becoming real can’t happen until we allow ourselves to genuinely express our feelings. That is why we often feel so much better after crying. The shedding of tears may be the only thing left to do in a particular moment, as we attempt to discern when to let go and when it is time to move in a new direction.

So I leave you with this video from Free to Be Me, which my girls used to love listening to when they were younger, and even sometimes now.

16 thoughts on “Healing Light – Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. Fantastic insight, Amy! I believe that the tough moments in life, the dark hourse, the ones that push us down to our knees are necessary to finally look inside of ourselves in order to dissolve something that is meant to get rid off. When we are down on our knees we have the option to look down or up. And when we finally look up we see the light again which goes with the quote!

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  2. A beautiful photo, and beautiful thoughts. I remember an incident two weeks after my mothers funeral. A well meaning family friend told me to put myself together, and move on. For a 12 year old who just had her world exploded into pieces this must of been the worst possible piece of advice. Thank you for an enlightened post. Enjoy your day 🙂


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  4. I love Rumi’s quotes! You are so right that sometimes all that’s left is to cry, cleanse yourself of the sadness you are feeling and it is alright! Never is it wrong to feel and express your genuine feelings, if you suppress them one day you will have a melt down greater than if you had released your feelings at the time you were experiencing them. Very insightful and I love the song too!


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