When the Heart Breaks

There are the small disappointments in life,
Like not getting the presents you wanted for Christmas, or
The sting of an unintentionally thoughtless remark, or
The futility of trying to maintain an orderly house.
There are the bigger disappointments in life,
Like figuring out that our loved ones are only human, or
That after all this time on earth,
We still don’t know how to co-exist in peace.
And then there are the most unbearable, inexplicable,
Heart-wrenching and devastating disappointments.
Beyond one’s imagination or comprehension,
Inconsolable by any combination of words or gestures.

So immense is the pain my friend now bears, and
So great is this mother’s loss, that all I can do is weep for her
And save room on the couch when she is ready to join
Her Sisters of the Sofa once more.

In loving memory of Mark


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